The trial of the eviction and refusal of transportation of two persons of African descent by a bus driver of the Thessaloniki Urban Transport Agency

Athens, 19/10/2015. On 16/10/2015, the appeal against the decision that convicted the public bus driver, P.K., for refusing to transport and for evicting two people of African descent in combination with verbal abuse was heard. The drivers was convicted by the court of appeal to eight (8) months imprisonment and a fine of one thousand (1.000) euros.

The Racist Violence Recording Network recalls that the legislature has criminalised infringements of non-discrimination in relation to access to and supply of goods and services which are available to the public, on the grounds of ethnic or racial origin or religious or other beliefs, disability, age or sexual orientation and gender identity (art. 16 para. 1 Law 3304/2005) and then provided for the ex officio prosecution for this offence (art. 21 para. 5 Law 4251/2014). It is thus clear that the prohibition of discrimination in relation to access and supply of goods and services which are available to the public is absolute. Moreover, in future cases, it should be examined if the court, while assessing the facts of case, should take into account art. 81 A of the Penal Code, which provides for a definition of the racist crime and increases the penalties.

The Racist Violence Recording Network follows closely all trials of racist crimes and stresses the importance of the full implementation of law. As regards the disciplinary proceedings against racist behaviours, they should be fully condemned by competent authorities if they are substantiated, so that no doubt as to the prohibition of discrimination and their effective punishment is left.

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